Guardian Office Days – Life on the Base Chapter 9.5

I’ve updated the fanfic. Click this link for the Fanfiction page.

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Machine Translation Question

Just a short question. have any of you that visited this humble site of mine ever do any machine translation service?

I was hoping to translate a Japanese web novel using one of those but can’t seem to find the best tool. If I find a more reliable tool, I might be doing that as my side activities here. Got a lot of potential novel out there that seems to be left out by most translator. Well, thank you for reading this post of mine. See you all!

Marked Soul Chapter 28!

Hello everyone!!!

Got nothing much to say except that I’ve uploaded the latest chapter for the Marked Soul series. I think the next one will be the epilogue. And after that, maybe a few side stories.

Marked Soul chapter 28. Follow this link for the Royalroad.

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I’m back! and also Marked Soul Chapter 27

First of all, sorry for disappearing for a month or so. Reason? Well…let’s just say that I have some issues I need to deal with. And stuff…Yeah, stuff…Let’s stick to that, shall we?

And without further ado, I present to you Marked Soul chapter 27! Click this link for the RoyalRoad.

On another news, it seems that the Marked Soul series might be turned into a VN. When, you might ask? Well…I don’t know. I guess…as soon as possible? Do support me when it will be positively developed into that.

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Marked Soul Chapter 26

Here you go! I think I have to make it every Monday as my weekly release day. Well, for everyone viewing the post, here you go!

Marked Soul chapter 26! Click this link for RoyalRoad.

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Marked Soul Chapter 24

Very, very, very late. Two excuses. First, family event. Second, a game. To be honest, the later one is the most responsible for the lateness of my writing, hehehe…

Marked Soul chapter 24. Click this link for RoyalRoad.

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